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How to choose PVC flooring

Because of its rich designs and colors, pvc flooring is favored by many consumers in the market, but many people still do not know much about the selection and purchase of pvc flooring. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you how to choose pvc flooring.

1. Smell

When choosing the PVC floor, it is recommended to smell the smell with your nose. If the PVC floor has a pungent smell, it may be formaldehyde that exceeds the standard.

2. Touch with hands

As for how to select the PVC floor, touch with your hand is also a good test method. When purchasing, you can feel the flexibility of the PVC plastic floor with your hands, or feel the comfort and flatness of the floor with your feet. Generally speaking, poor quality pvc floor will be much worse in terms of comfort, skid resistance and smoothness.

3. Look at the color

The poor quality of the PVC plastic floor can be judged by the color of the floor is not pure, the pattern and pattern are not clear and irregular, and there are damages and scratches around the floor or on the surface.

4. See the sound insulation effect

Generally speaking, good pvc floor has good sound insulation effect. It is suggested that when selecting pvc floor, you can walk on it to judge the sound insulation effect of pvc floor. If the poor sound insulation pvc floor is of inferior quality.

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