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How to clean PVC plastic floor

1. The daily cleaning of PVC plastic floor can be carried out by using dust pusher or vacuum cleaner. Drag the dust agent on the ground, dry it and push the dust.

2. Wet mop can be used for daily cleaning of PVC plastic floor. Dilute the floor cleaning polish with 1:20 water, and mop the floor with a semi-wet mop. If necessary, you can also use a scrubber to clean at low speed.

3. After the PVC plastic floor is laid, dust and sundries on the floor surface need to be removed first. Then add 3M red abrasive discs or similar products to the floor scrubber for low-speed cleaning (dilute with 1:20 strong general detergent and add it into the floor scrubber), remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the floor surface, and use a water suction machine to suck up the sewage. Finally, wash and dry the PVC plastic floor with clean water, and apply 1-2 layers of high-strength surface faults

4. PVC plastic floor can be used in hospitals, schools, office buildings and many other places. The PVC plastic floor can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or wet mopping.

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